I find the process of applying paint to canvas, to be a satisfying form of struggle. From the point of bare canvas to finished work, I do a lot of underpainting, scraping, dripping, shmearing, thinking and stewing. My favorite paintings bear evidence of this engagement, bringing the final image texture and depth.



Born: French Camp, California
B.A. California State University Stanislaus
Currently residing in Turlock, California

Kelly Viss, though still comparatively young, has managed to master the difficulties of landscapes and still lifes. She has created a unique and original body of work at a time when there are few visual ideas that aren’t derivative or imitative. Her paintings immediately arrest one with their reverence for nature.  Rendered in strong yet muted colors, they nonetheless possess an impressionistic sensuality. The landscapes draw the viewer in with an invitation to the mysterious present while simultaneously eluding one’s total comprehension. These scenes seem to recede to a place less substantial, less real, but one to which we all yearn to journey.